immersive simulation vg

Last Worked On: Sunday, Mar 10, 2019

Description: Ideas about the design and implementation of an immersive simulation video game that encompasses a large, highly detailed, procedurally generated world.

General Idea

The goal is to build a fairly rich simulated world, ideally urban, that’s also potentially infinite in expanse, by using procedural generation techniques to flesh out the world and make it complex without having to manually specify everything. Not everything needs to be generated from inside the running game, and in fact maybe nothing is, but the idea would be to be able to generate new content on demand, at a minimum. Tho for some things, it might make sense to generate on the fly, so that things can be loaded and unloaded.

Having a mechanism for deriving structure and content from seed numbers would make a lot of this easier, as well. If a PRNG can be fixed up front, and the structure of the world and its content can be described by reference to numbers, we can use a seed number together with the generative mechanisms to unfold the content of the world as necessary. For example, terrain might generable from say 10 parameters to a generation function, but those 10 numbers can be gotten from a seed number and a PRNG that we then iterate. So we can encode the whole terrain into a single seed number.

World Aspects

The aspects that will need to be generated are listed below. This list isn’t comprehensive.